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Friday, March 27, 2015



We just adore our crazypants internet pals...look what Glenda in Kansas (who needs to start a blog--she and her kitties live with a GHOST!) sent Mommy for a little gift:


Two bars!

Mommy totally cracked up when she opened the package.

Thank you so much Glenda, you made our day...and we can't believe you spent six dollars to mail us this!  What a hoot.

Happy Funny Friday!

XX  The Kats  XX

Thursday, March 26, 2015

In Which Nothing Much Occurs.


After yesterday's SCANDALOUS photo-expose of John and Scouty's Bromance, we thought we'd proly better post some thing a little, well, tamer.

Behold, the Seinfeld* of Cat Videos.


or click HERE

Riveting, right?

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Katnip Lounge Kats  XX

*a show based upon the premise of "nothing", heh heh heh

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nightly Romance


Here we have three Mancats.
Just hangin'...

...until Scouty gets An Idea...

...and saunters away, sassily swishing his pantaloons.

He shoots his "come hither" lasers at Johnny,

with a coy over-the-shoulder glance.
Can Johnny resist?

Unfortunately, yes.

Rebuffed, Scouty pulls out all the stops and utilizes his Cold Shoulder® move.


True Love.

Happy Hump Day!

XX  CC,  John, and Scouty  XX

Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Rupert here.
If I look a little startled it's because:

a)  I am;


b)  I have to hurry with this 'cos Mommy is actually *working* at work!
When she should be writing a proper post for me.

Gotta run!

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Rushin' (Blue) Rupert  XX

Monday, March 23, 2015



May Ling here.
I'm very busy, working on my beauty sleep, because in exactly three weeks Mommy leaves for Finland and I have to look my best for my Handsome Hunka Hunka Mancat Mirsku!  

Soon my darling, soon.

Happy Tortie Meezer Monday!

XX  May Ling  XX

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Plate Techtonics

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.

So...I'm assuming that you are are all passably acquainted with the idea of plate techtonics; the shifting of the Earth's crust, forming various, ever-changing land masses.  Sometimes the crust gets a little thin or weak and a volcano erupts over the hot my spectacular barf-o-rama earlier this week.

Well, the crust shifted.

The norovirus hot spot found a new crevasse.

Scott has it now.

The "good" part is that he was more of a shield volcano--gradually (yet relentlessly) depositing magma at the surface, layer by layer--rather than the furious explosive ones I chose to emulate, which helped minimize the collateral damage to life and property...

 I took another day off work to be at his beck and call keep an eye out in case things went downhill like they did for me but Scott's G.I system's a trooper and as of writing this he's up and even feeling a little peckish.  I admit the extra day off did me no harm; I took it easy on myself the whole day and feel all the better for it.  Hopefully we're both done!

What a week.

Here's to a better one...

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Caturday on the Catio!


As promised, today we have for you a little video, starring many Kats on the Catio.

The videography is a little shaky--but since Mommy filmed it the day after the Monumental Puke Fest (2015) we're gonna let it slide...and she did manage to talk a teeny bit less, too, for which we award her one bonus point.

Speaking of whom, Mommy is back to normal whatever that is and thanks all of you for the sympathy, empathy, and well wishes.  She says it's nice to know that A) she's not alone in having a great barf story, and B) she has all of you to share it with.

ANYHOO...on to the movie!

or click HERE

Did you see any of your favorite Kats?

We sincerely hope to get around to all our pals this weekend and comment--we know we've been slack lately.  Doesn't mean we don't read--we do--rather that Mommy is lazy to the bone.

Happy Caturday!

XX  The Kats  XX