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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Friends and Kitties,

It's me, KonaKitty--bidding you all Aloha.

After nearly twenty years of a truly wonderful life, I have made my journey to the next world, peacefully and quietly, much as I lived my life..
I say aloha because in the Hawaiian Islands (I'm named for the Kona coast on the Big Island) "aloha" means hello as well as goodbye, and I am so looking forward to reuniting with all the kitties that have come and gone whilst I lived on:  my manny Fuzzy, who allowed me to nurse on him when I was a bebbeh kitteh (he was a saint), my papa Spooky who taught me to chase squirrels in the big oak trees, Mister Max who showed me all the best vole holes.

I'll see Hooter, who washed my face (constantly!), and Sascha, who snuggled daily and sang along with me on the Long Drive from Illinois to Nevada.

My heart will be filled with joy to see Dusty again--it took me a long time to recover from his passing--we were the best of friends and soul mates.  Cuddling with him again will be bliss.

I suppose I'll cross paths with Chuckles too...hmmmmm...I may have to swat him for old time's sake!

And Grayce will be happy to hear all the latest gossip, I'm sure.

Mommy, I'm sorry about the time I hid in the sock drawer and you thought I'd escaped.  At the time I was only a tot and I thought it was Great Fun to play hide and seek!  Thank you for all the nights you let me snuggle with you under the covers even though you were already hot, and Daddy, I am grateful for all the heaty pads and cream servings and the whole Catio so I could bask in my beloved sunbeams.

I had a great life.

Thank you.


XX  KonaKitty  XX

Triple Tooshie Thursday


Ever have one of those days?

The ones where your peep is out of pictures for the blog, so they follow you around endlessly and get all up in your stuff, pleading for you to do something, anything?


We were having NONE of it.


Happy Thursday!

XX  The Bums of: Rupert, Felix, and CC  XX

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tube Shootin'


Sweet Pea here.

Mommy fastened a shoe lace to a dowel and wiggled it Very could I resist?

I didn't!!!!!
or click HERE

*pant*  *pant*  *pant*

I had so much fun!

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Sweet Pea  XX

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Family Traits


Shadow here.
You know, it's not just my Nevada Cousin (The Baby) who does The Vulture©!

I also throw down some pretty righteous stares from up high.
You can't tell from the photo, but I'm perched atop a cupboard in the kitchen, observing my servunt's every move...

...and they (of course) cannot see me behind this cunningly chosen lair the flowers!

Am I sneakily awesome or what?

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Shadow  XX

Monday, February 8, 2016

Table Vulture


The Table Vulture here.

I often perch on the edge of the table and look down with scorn upon my lowly subjects--in this instance, Mommy.  Who is only *slightly* better than carrion in my books.

That terrible, heinous woman--she photographed me napping (strike one) with a litter speck on my snoot (strike two), and published it on the blog for the world to see (strike THREE)!  I told her henceforth the only shots allowed would be taken from a lowly, groveling point of view.

And that they had better showcase my pristine pink nose, or some Mommy is gonna get swooped by the dreaded Table Vulture when she least expects it!

Happy Monday!

XX  The Baby  XX

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sun-Ripened Ornj


Felix here.

I was in one of the cat tree hidey-huts on the Catio, warming my face in the winter sun, and I thought: this is a purrfect photo op!  

So here it is, my Sunday Selfie:
Is it any wonder the peeps call me Mister Ornj?

Happy Sunday!

XX  Felix  XX

Join the fun HERE

Saturday, February 6, 2016



shhhhhhhhhhhh...kitty napping-inna-box!
Shall we get closer?

Look--Bibby Bibberton has a tiny speck of cat litter stuck to her nose!

**hee hee**

Happy Caturday!

XX  The Sleepy Baby  XX

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fantabulously Floofy Friday

This Post may not be suitable for young impressionable kittehs.
It is Rated FFF for Full Frontal Floofiness.


Tiny John here.
Sometimes, I'm so hot and handsome I have to Stop, Drop, and Roll to put out the fire!


And the Money Shot.

Kittehs, you are now safe to read the rest of the post...

Happy Friday!

XX  Hot Cat Johnny  XX