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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordless Whitesday

::love eyes::

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Bibby Bibberton  XX

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuxedo, Tongue, and Toothbrush


Salem here.

I was doing a little tummy-tidying...

...which *may* have led to some Washing of the Nethers.

Later that morning, while Mommy was in the shower, I nibbled on her toothbrush.  Mommy saw me.  She shrieked.  I kept on chewing--what can I say, I was enjoying the fresh minty taste and spiky texture--why should I have to stop, just because she says to?
No way.

Suddenly, Mommy burst out of the shower stall, brandishing her loofah!

I might have been alarmed if I hadn't been fleeing the sudsy peep giggling so hard.  It was all enormously fun and I think I might have to do it again tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Salem the Crest* Cat  XX

*Mommy's brand of toothpaste

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mancat Monday--the Jawsplitter Edition


Scouty here.

Have you ever been hanging out, relaxing, when suddenly a huge yawn sneaks up on you?
 la dee dah, dum diddy dum ♫ ♪




Yup, just like that!
I wonder where they come from?

Happy Monday!

 XX  Scouty  XX

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wherein Sheebie Tells All


Sheebie here.

I/we were cursed blessed with a meme,  The Writing Process Blog Tour,  from our most wonderful and creative pals over at GLOGIRLY.

Katie--the brains of the outfit, Waffles--purrfessional solipsist, and Glogirly--secretary to the stars, crack me up nearly every day with their witty repartee and drive me to tears with longing for better photography skills.

As with all memes, there are rules, which this time *gasp* I'm actually gonna follow:

1.  Introduce you to the blogger who invited us to participate.   done.  ✔
2.  Answer three "easy" questions.  be patient.  I'm getting there...
3.  Tag a favorite blogger whom I'd love to pass along the curse to participate.  (THIS IS THE BEST PART omigod who can I CHOOSE???))


I'm regretting following these stupid rules already.

Question A:  What am I working on?
Hell if I know.  This post?  I didn't realize I was supposed to be organized at blogging.

Question %:  Why do I write what I do?
Honestly, cats and technical crap are all I really know about...and I don't feel there's a huge rapt audience out there in the blogosphere dying to read about chemistry, EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.
Cats are different.  People want to read about cats.  I have cats.  It was a pretty simple decision.
::no anxiety::

Question 33 ⅓:  How does my writing process work?
I'm always struggling for the next post.  Not that I lack for cats (!!!) or ideas; for me the bottleneck is photos.  Since I've started writing the majority of my posts at work it's hard to play around and edit photos when I'm not at my laptop, and it kills my creative buzz to "pre-do" photos--my story comes as I play with the images.  Having said that, how it usually works is I get busy doing other stuff and around 19:40 (optimally I publish at 20:00) I get all Holy crap I need to DO something for tomorrow's post!  and, wracked with remorse for not having started sooner, bang something out and hope for the best.  Very rarely I'll have something in mind which allows me to put off the inevitable composition to 19:54 or even later...I'm not very good with plans and a matter of fact it's past my publishing time right now.
::further anxiety::

Now for the good part, picking a victim friend to write about their writing process...
(evil laugh)

A multi-cat blog written by a person who is one of the most wonderful ex-pat English people living in Finland I know.
*wink wink*

Thanks, Glogirly, for giving me something interesting to do at work whilst causing me only mild anxiety.  It was fun!  Really.

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cleaning up for Caturday


Grayce here.
I'm putting the finishing touches on my claws, preparing for the weekend.

I want to be ready for everything fun!

Happy Caturday!

XX  Grayce  XX

Friday, August 22, 2014

A New Sparkling Star


We had some very sad news yesterday.
Sparkle, our wonderful feline friend, author, and fellow blogger has passed.

We are bereft.

Her acerbic wit, unflagging comments, and never-ending scorn of Humans will be missed terribly.  

We are sending our love out into the universe, and tonight we'll choose a star in the firmament to remember our blogging star Sparkle.

Please visit Sparkle's blog to leave a comment for her Human Janiss.

XX  Love from all of us here at The Lounge  XX

Thursday, August 21, 2014



CC here.
Our Catio cat trees are up on blocks (in case it rains--like today) so there's a delightful space underneath to hunt for bugs, lizards, and storage for the occasional cat toy.

It's also a great place to tuck my tail!

Happy Thursday!