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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Scariest Moment of All


The Mommy here.

Do you know what is TRULY TERRIFYING?

Realizing an entire weekend has slipped by and I haven't taken any new photos for the blog...and I'm going to have to answer to 13 angry kats!!!


No scarier scenario exists on Earth.

This may be the last time you ever hear from me...

Happy Halloween!

XX  Mommy and The Kats  XX

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Truism


Miss Kona here.
It's a fact--everykitty should have a Guardian Rhino.

Happy Thursday!

XX  KonaKitty  XX

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Tease


Scouty here.

Today I'm showing off my T-parts:
Toesies the front.


Toesies the rear.

Total package.

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Scouty  XX

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Blanket


Daddy bought Mommy us this nice fuzzy plaid blanket.
We all like it a lot.

So much so, that Mommy isn't getting much use out of it!
See how she's uncovered?

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Bibby and May Ling  XX

Monday, October 27, 2014

Best Seat in the House


Rupert here.
Every night when Mommy goes to bed it is my Catly Duty to sit on her chesticles, pinning her down to the mattress.  She whines that it hurts her back but I'm pretty sure she's fibbing,* because she lets me do it every.  single.  evening.

So, you think I'd be thrilled to have the Best Seat in the House, but "best" implies there are  other seats...which means I have to share Mommy. 


Johnny and Miss Salem.

Thus my displeased expression in the previous photo.

there are benefits for my benevolence and not getting all screechy and territorial and paw-slappy though.  Like chin rubs.

And whiskerhole massage!

And most enjoyable of all, scruff scritchies.
All of which (you may note) the others are not receiving!**

Life is Good.

Happy Monday!

XX  Rupert  XX

*I'm not. He's like a lead weight on my spine.-ed

**that HE can see.  As soon as he falls asleep and rolls off the other two move in!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Picture of Rupertian Gray


Rupert here.
Mommy calls me her Handsome Gray Man--and she doesn't say that to any other kitty in the house--so I know I'm Special. 

Do you see my One White Whisker?  I started growing that this year to look older and more distinguished.  
Also to prevent any potentially cursed paintings in the attic*.

Happy Sunday!

XX  Rupert  XX

Saturday, October 25, 2014



Can you guess to whom this footie belongs?
I'll give you a hint, my initials are "Ess + Pee".

No...not "Salt and Pepper"... 
It's me, Sweet Pea!
The leopard couch binky was all furred up so Mommy washed it, dried it, and then left it all warm and crumpled up on the dryer--which was tumbling another load--just purrfect for a kitty to burrow into, and have a nice toasty nap.  So I did!

Mommy found me and was nice enough (after snapping a couple of photos) to leave me be and let me get back to my snooze hard work of re-furring the blanket.  I stayed there for most of the afternoon--bliss.

Happy Caturday!

XX  Sleepy Sweet Pea  XX