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Friday, August 1, 2014

Thank Cod it's Monday!


Rupert here.
I know a lot of you kitties (and your peeps) are all excited about today being Friday, but at our house Friday is really Monday, cos Mommy goes back to work.  She only works four days a week, and is off on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  She says the best part of her schedule is going to work on Monday (which is her Friday) and wishing all the grumpy back-to-workers a Happy Weekend!* 

The most important thing about Fronday (Friday + Monday) is that now we can all get some rest...when Mommy's home there's always something going on (she is a flibbertigibbet busybody who never sits down for Cod's sake) and all the snoopervising wears us out. 
So please excuse me, I need a nap.

Happy Fronday!

XX  Rupert  XX

*She's a mean, evil woman, our Mommy.  She takes great joy in this schtick, every.  single.  week.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Shadow Knows...


Miss Shadow here.
I'mm helping my Daddy the Male Servunt while he's working on the computer.

It's truly amazing that he ever got anything done before I arrived on the scene.

Right now he's composing an Ode to My Appetite:

It doesn't matter what kind of food,
  It all depends on your cat's mood.


That wasn't very flattering!

Demerits will be awarded...

Happy Thursday!

XX  Miss Shadow, a.k.a Finicky Cat  XX

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tongue Trials


Tiny J here.

Mommy ordered me us her and Daddy two new feather pillows for the sofa and some fun fabric to make pillowcases for them.  Everything was delivered so today she ran them up on her sewing machine and then *I* got to give them the initial Test Drive!
They seem nice and cushy...

...but you can never be sure. 
 Further mileage was required, so I took 'em out for a grueling trial on the dangerous and intimidating washboard road course.

I rounded the shoulders...

cruised onto the back stretch...

and into the curves...full tongue ahead!

The verdict?
These pillows are definitely roadworthy, and ready to ride into the Land of Nod.

Nitey nite...

Happy Wednesday!

XX  "Clean as a Whistle" TJ  XX

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two-fer Tuesday Texts


Mommy has been engrossed in re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire series lazy lately, and can you believe we almost had nothing to show y'all for today's post?

Thank Cod Daddy texted her a couple of pics of some recent goings-on!
Sylvester usurped The Baby from her bed in the laundry room...

...but that's OK, because Daddy gave her a binky in the cupboard above the refrigermatator! 
We've been dying to get up there and explore for ages--but the cupboard was chock full o'crap (Mommy's description) and there was no room in there, at all.  Well.  Daddy took care of that*...making this the elebenty-billionth spot for sleeping in our house.

Do we rule or what, kitties?

Oh and Mommy?  Clean the top of that thing--it's feelthy!

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Sylvester and The Baby  XX

*in his usual methodical and meticulous fashion, MOL

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Mancat's Lament


Maui here.

I'm rather miffed...
First off, Mommy took this photo of me whilst I was snoozing and without my express purrmission.  But that's not what's got my underfurries all in a knot, rather it's the fact that she had the temerity to laugh at my widdle front leggie and said it looked like a FLIPPER!

As if.

Compounding her crimes she unkindly remarked that I'm starting to get a bit weighty around the middle.


And get this--one of my many nicknames is "The Walrus" (for my long droopy whiskers)...and she says that I really look like a big fat bull walrus here.  You know, with the flipper and all.


I'll show her some "bull"...

Happy Monday!

XX  Maui  XX

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oh, Deer!

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.

My parents live in Arizona and their back yard opens out onto a huge wash.  They've seen all sorts of wildlife; bob cats, javelina, snakes, chippies, and millions of birds--but this was their first mule deer sighting, and as luck would have it the camera was nearby.  

Peeping over the neighbor's wall--they have a bird bath that the deer was using as a watering hole.

Down in the wash.  That's my Mom in the right of the frame...the deer was close!


I wonder what they'll see next--maybe a cougar?

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lotsa Cats on Caturday!


Have you ever wondered about the social dynamics at the Lounge?

Wonder no more!

Click HERE for a tell all link...

Happy Caturday!

XX  The Lounge Kats  XX