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Friday, November 28, 2014



Scouty here.
I'm experiencing my Annual Cold Weather Quandry: where to sleep at night.

All summer long I snooze away the dark hours in glorious, uninterrupted solitude on the Catio, but with the advent of chilly weather I have to relocate area inhabited by the Lumbering Apes, and their bothersome grabby hands.  

One of my favorite spots is on Mommy's pillow, however, she insists on using it too.  Such a bother.  Daddy's bed is out, even though my beloved Tiny Johnson sleeps there--Daddy flails wildly in his sleep and again, it's bothersome.  

The cat tree by the back door is nice, but the light switch is there and the peeps, with their paltry night vision, insist on using when they go out onto the Catio.  This bothers me and I have to leave.

I generally end up sprawled out dead to the world and snoring cautiously resting on the sofa, where Mommy studiously avoids looking at me when she gets home from work*.  It's tough, I tell you, getting in my 22 hours a day!

Will it be summer again soon?

Happy Friday!

XX  Solo Scouty  XX

*At least until he gets up and requests a piece of chicken jerky--he sure wants attention then!  

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Our Delicious Dinner


Here is what we're getting for our Thanksgiving dinner:

Instead, Daddy will grill us a chicken, and Mommy made bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pretzel rolls, buttered carrots, cole slaw, fresh cranberries, and a from-scratch cherry pie!  Mommy works half a grave shift Wednesday night (four hours) so she did all the prep ahead of time--which means we've already had many many many opportunities for taste tests and impromptu quality control.  One of the rolls *may* have gotten a paw print pressed into it...

Happy Thanksgiving to all our pals in the USA, and our buddies around the world!
We're so grateful for your friendship.

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Katnip Lounge Kitties, Mommy and Daddy  XX

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wibberton Wednesday


The Baby here.

Daddy has a yogurt every evening for a snack.
Naturally, he shares.
*licketty lick lick lick*


oooooh...missed a spot!

Daddy said he's gonna send this container right back to the factory, it's that clean.

And now, I need to clean myself up, I have Toasted Coconut yogurt all over my whiskers, face and eyebrows!  YUM.

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Bibby Wibby Wibberton  XX

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MORE Merde!


Mommy had to work some MORE!!

Maybe she had better start preparing our post ahead of time.

Useless wench.

(stupid job--ed.)
In the meantime, please enjoy this gratuitous kitteh shot, and we would welcome any and all ideas for Proper Punishment.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Rupert and Salem  XX

Monday, November 24, 2014

Oh, the Aroma...and Other Things


Sylvester here.
Mommy has THE best smelling shoes in the world, bar none.  Compared to hers, Daddy's shoes are lame examples of footy fragrance.  None of us glom onto delicately whiff his shoes, ever!

Back in Illinois, Angel Fuzzy used to wait every evening for Mommy to take off her work boots and he'd spend at least fifteen minutes thoroughly "enjoying" them.
I totally understand.

Mommy survived her evening at work Sunday night.  A huge electrical transformer blew up and knocked out all the power at both treatment plants--the blast was big enough to shake the building where her co-worker was.  Nobody was hurt and the power was restored fairly quickly, but she spent most of her shift putting her plant back on line and troubleshooting stuff that wasn't "happy" about being so abruptly shut down.  It was a fast night but she was quite glad to get home and snuggle into bed with us and relax.  She and her co-workers like to say "boring is good" and this is exactly why!

Also, many of you asked about the Magic Dust that gets sprinkled on our foods.  It's called Fortiflora.  Mommy uses one packet per feeding, (generally five to seven cans for us) so a little goes a long way.  Kona is a terribly picky eater and The Baby is sometimes less than enthusiastic about eating and this stuff does the trick.  In fact, the box is stored way up high in the cupboard where some over-enthusiastic cat (*koff*koff*Salem*koff*koff*) can't get to it, rip the packets open, and go to town.*  
Mommy asked me to mention that Grayce's poop (she has intestinal issues) have gotten better also, smell-wise at least.  Sorry, Grayce--please don't whap me for telling...

Well, I need to get back to enjoying these shoes.

Happy Monday!

XX  Sylvester  XX

*It wasn't a pretty sight.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Friends and Kitties!

The feces has hit the fan here at work tonight. 


I'm earning my no post, sorry!

I have some fun kitty picture for Monday already in the pipeline, so we'll see ya tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie  XX

Saturday, November 22, 2014



Here's a typical evening scenario:
The Baby and Sweet Pea dominate Mommy's legs, pinning her to the sofa...

...while Mister Jealous (Rupert) goes for her lap (or even further up), prime real estate.

Rupert:  Mommy, I'm the most handsomest gray man in the house.  Don't look at those Whitesters.  Look only at me.  In fact, let me help you--I'll obscure them from view with my giant radar dish ears!   
Just call me "on Top of Mommy's chesticles Cat".  

Happy Friday!

XX  Bibs, Miss Pea, and Poopert  XX